Time is sliding by rapidly for our Rotary year.
We have had a few days of minor success at the markets and hopefully with the onset of the
 warmer weather they will blossom back to the full markets we all love (and need).
Thank you all for the votes you submitted for the Zone 1 rezoning proposal. Based on your
votes, our club voted in favour of the proposal.
It is particularly pleasing to see that Committee meetings are being held to an hour or less by
all the Committees - aside from the board but we are working on that !
Now as the summer approaches there will be an opportunity for many of our projects and
programs  to flourish but please complete the programs as a pleasure and not a task. If you
have a spare moment and there is a way you can contribute then please offer your
assistance. I have already seen this happening at the meetings with set up and take down
before and after. Thank you to those members as many hands make light work !
Some great speakers listed for our upcoming meetings and we would obviously like as
many Rotarians attending as possible. Graham Wheeler has organised these speakers which
  • Red Cross talking about refugees from Ukraine.
  • Police Officer in charge of the TRG which will be topical with the ongoing matters in the bikie world.
We have a technology forum coming up on 10th October, 2022 where we can learn how to
use Clubrunner which will be followed by a meal and or drinks at the Karalee Tavern after for
a short time. This shows as 12.30pm on the club site but in fact will be at the office of
Kareena Ballard 175 Labouchere Road, Como at 6.30pm.
Also remember the Cub Forum on 24th October, 2022 and the meeting for the race that
stops a nation on evening of 31st October, 2022 at my residence.
So plenty happening in the Rotary Club of Melville !
In the meantime keep safe & well.
Peter Smith
President 2022-23