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With the immediate passing of Australia Day and the attendant hoopla about its merits and demerits, the reduced tempo and the end of the holiday period did provide me with the time to reflect about our great country.  Regardless of where you situate yourselves on the aforementioned spectrum, as a country we have a lot to be thankful for.  That’s not saying that things are perfect and that we had the greatest history either.  But we are unique and have more going for us as well as a collective will to try to improve both ourselves and others.    
Observing the club’s collective will to improve ourselves and others has been one of many great pleasures of being your President.  My honour and award to each of you is a big thank you for the good you’ve done and the hope you bring.  Each have you have participated in one or more of your various activities - most it is unheralded.  In the background, we have gathered the stories and through a recent district forum it was pleasing to hear the clear purpose with which our leadership team has guided the club and that tales that we can tell to our fellow Rotarians.  But, telling other Rotarians is only part of the broader communication task.  In a quiet and considered way, we are talking and are establishing links to folk outside the Rotary sphere.  The outcomes of the tree planting are evidence of this but those bragging rights belong to other members of our club.  We are in the process of laying foundations of articulating our impact within our community and more will follow as the initiatives such as Broome Circle unfold, and as we embed the awarding of Paul Harris Fellowships within the communities where good has been done. This is incremental work and ongoing work-in progress. 
So to draw the analogy.  Our wonderful country is an imperfect work-in-progress so too is our Club.  So despite the imperfections, take the time to reflect on how good we’ve become and how much better we’ll be as we journey through the progression of time. There’s a lot to be grateful for as a country and a club. It does us well to occasionally reflect of the sacrifices and hurt that have been suffered in our journey but is also good to reflect on what has and can be achieved. So top the glasses up to half-full; a salute to you and to this great country.
Stay safe, do good, bring hope and until we greet again,
Cheerio and go kindly,
Ian Williams on his travels with a Rotary sign on the back of his caravan.  I believe he is in Port Elliot.
Market Roster
Dale Archer 27/1/2019
Peter Smith 31/1/2011
joined Melville Rotary
Janice Pounder 5th January
Peter Smith 13th January
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