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                     The Rotary Club of Melville International Committee

The International Committee are an active in contributing to global assistance to nearer neighbours and the International community through a variety of projects.

The major project has been the assistance to the Living Child program in establishing a maternity clinic in the East Sepik region of the Angoram District. The project is designed to reduce infant mortality rates which is slowly being achieved through the funding provided by Melville Rotary Club. The program has achieved an ability to seek a senior midwife for the region to assist remote area births. 
Regional seminars to educate community birthing aids for safer delivery of infants.
The International committee also provided:
- a program to bring midwives from Tanzania to Perth where training was provided to 
   enable these midwives to return to Tanzania and educate local midwives as to best 
    practice birthing techniques.
-funds to assist stateless young women in remote areas of Myanmar, Thailand to save 
  them being sold to the sex trade and instead provide education for future 
  employment and safety. 
- funding for prosthetic limbs to children in Bali.
- establishment of a sister Rotary Club arrangement in the Phillipines and funding of a 
   medical program “Sight Regained” which is a Free Cataract and Pterygium Operation 
   for in excess of 120 people over three days to restore their sight.
-  provision of funds to Shelterbox program enabling the purchase of shelter boxes for 
    delivery to areas devastated by natural disasters.
-  provision of funding to Lombok housing project enabling ten houses to be built.
The International Committee is involved in worldwide assistance incurring expenditure in excess of $30,000.00 annually to world needy and developmental